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Reliable partner in marine and construction industries

Carinafour operates in maritime, construction and products industries and provides development, logistics and production solutions. 

Our customer value creation bases on high level of expertise, change management and strong will to commit our customers’ business goals. We produce easily implemented modes for operating and supporting digital solutions for effectiveness and performance improvements. 


We develop processes


Carinafour was founded in 2012 to solve problems and develop processes in maritime and construction industries. Improved processes guide the change of surrounding environment and enable the actors to perform more systematically.  

Carinafour started its operations in maritime industry, particularly in ship refurbishment, where the schedules are tight, and operating environment is very challenging due to limited space and time, and projects and actions are non-repeatable.  

Navaltek is part of Carinafour corporation.

We deliver solutions


Carinafour does not just provide consultation, but we deliver solutions. With our strong practical experience and expertise, we develop, verify, and discover processes before taking them to our customers.  

Integration of technology, processes, and people, creates a mode of operation, which brings value to operators, customers, and owners.  

Our customers are, for example, shipowners, yards, network operators in maritime industry, and property owners, construction companies and network operators in construction industry. 

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EXOPRODIGI project continues the work of the EUSBSR Flagship project ECOPRODIGI in increasing eco-efficiency in the Baltic Sea region’s maritime industry with the help of digital tools and solutions.” Read more.