Piikkio Works

Supported by Carinafour since 2012

  • 6 times improvement in flow rate and 30% productivity increase in two years (2014-2016) 
  • Cellular stateroom manufacturing lines were changed to takt-based production lines 
  • We operate all the prefabrications for the main assembly line. We have digital-based reporting measures for performance, disruptions, and we bring transparency to development needs. 
  • We measure constantly customer’s assembler satisfaction, and how the set pre-requisites for assemblers’ work are fulfilled. 

MAC / Turku HVAC

Carinafour has delivered the material flow management system and production system for modular HVAC rooms. 

  • Productivity has increased more than 30% during last three years 
  • All HVAC room related logistics was executed through logistics center operated by Carinafour 
  • HVAC room material packages were directed on daily basis to right place on the right time. Material management was executed with CALS system.  
  • Daily management methods were used to solve occurred problems, track root causes and carry out necessary corrective actions. Constant productivity improvements were followed with set metrics. 

Fira’s Agile pipe renovations 

  • Material availability was improved by 98% just in 22 weeks 
  • With help of CALS system, Carinafour delivers site-specific material packages to the assemblers at the right time and place 
  • Construction sites are digitally managed and supply chain’s situational awareness is available in CALS 
  • Fira pipe renovations are the first building project in Finland where high quality, site-specific bills of materials have been created (including product names, material codes and amounts) 
  • Fira pipe renovations can be completed approximately in six weeks in block houses, and lead time is shortened constantly. 




Carinafour provides to Asuntosäätiö a scalable production system for facelift renovations. This production system is applied to approximately 15 000 apartments.    

  • Standardized method of production is used despite the contractor. This method enables advanced data collection and management with data. 
  • Very high resident satisfaction, quality, cost and environmental targets have been set for this renovation method.  
  • Development work will be initiated in alliance with Asuntosäätiö and Renevo.


Meyer Turku

Carinafour operates and develops together with Meyer Turku and its turnkey network work planning and logistics solutions for project industry. 

  • Solution includes e.g. common logistics centre with Meyer Turku to meet the high requirements of the project industry. 
  • High quality work planning process enables short lead times for cruise ship building, high work productivity, low material waste and environmental friendliness. 


Carinafour has signed a strategic partnership contract with YIT about supply chain digitalization and construction logistics. Contract was signed in 2021. 

  • Cooperation will be applied to Housing Finland and CEE, Business premises and Infrastructure business segments.  
  • Cooperation was initiated by supplying logistics solution to hotel Scandic Hamburger Börs in Turku. YIT was impressed by the work of Carinafour, and cooperation was extended to other sites. Hamburger Börs was on example of how well planned and executed logistics enables prompt construction project in challenging surroundings 

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