Clean shipping and business in the Baltic Sea region

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Conference on 9-10th April 2019 in Lübeck will look at what has been achieved so far to make the Baltic Sea region more innovative, accessible and sustainable with EU funding. More than 100 projects involving over 1000 partner institutions from countries around the Baltic Sea show that cooperation is the key to realizing new solutions.

As part of the event, CSHIPP (Clean Shipping Project Platform) is organizing a panel discussion focusing on the relationship between clean shipping and business, where Carinafour’s Maarit Lappalainen will be a panelist. Representatives from the CSHIPP projects and business representatives working in related industries will take part in the discussion, considering how work done in projects can be utilized in practice through viable business cases. The goal of CSHIPP is to bring together projects and organizations focused on enhancing clean shipping in the Baltic Sea Region.

Carinafour has been involved in the ECOPRODIGI project, which was set up in 2017 to promote eco-efficiency and digitalization in the Baltic Sea region maritime sector. Project has been effective in bringing together industry end-users, research institutions and policy makers all working together towards achieving improved eco-efficiency through digital solutions.

The awareness of clean shipping practices has increased in recent years, and it is acknowledged that efforts should be made to promote clean shipping to minimize the impact on the environment and to improve sustainability and efficiency of shipping.

”From the business perspective, it is important to create practical solutions within the maritime sector. Cooperation between industry end-users and research institutions needs to be proactive and target solutions that solve everyday problems”, says Maarit Lappalainen. ”All developers must ”go to gemba” – to the place where the actual value is created and make improvements in the level that really machines more value.”

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